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Apr 8, 2015

This podcast with Dr. Jeff Wolf discusses the development of a career in the specialized field of fish pathology, and the use of fish in biomedical and environmental research.  As a veterinary pathologist, Dr. Wolf became involved with fish research during his graduate studies and as part of his present job with EPL.  Major uses of fish in toxicology include endocrine disruption research, toxicity screening, assessment of environmental contaminant effects, target animal safety studies (e.g., fish pharmaceuticals), and carcinogenesis research, the last of which was originally prompted by findings of endemic tumors in fish from polluted waters.  Dr. Wolf recently collaborated with 17 other fish pathologists in a Toxicologic Pathology review article that describes and illustrates some common diagnostic misinterpretations evident in the peer-reviewed fish literature, and makes recommendations for improving the quality of papers that publish fish histopathology data.  Dr. Wolf participates in numerous meetings and workshops involving fish toxicology and pathology, and is especially grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach these subjects at Aquavet II, CL Davis courses, and at other domestic and overseas venues. 

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